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Using your design ideas, the professionals at Innerunion Landscaping Inc will transform your property's outdoor space into something you'll be proud of. Our team is comprised of expert technicians as well as landscape design specialists that will work together seamlessly to realize your vision.

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About Us

Proudly delivering the finest landscaping in Niagara .

As a company, we strive to give our customers the BEST possible service. For example, we provide the most stable and technologically advanced base for our design build projects. No other company in the Niagara Region takes the effort and time to provide such a thing. Our projects, some of them over 20 years old, are still in satisfactory condition with minimal or no repair work. Furthermore, this allows us to provide the largest warranty periods in our market.

Please, take the time to navigate our webpage. Learn more about who we are, and the outstanding work we do. Our pride and reputation rests with our exemplary results.

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Our Services

A Wide Range of Services

Top level landscaping involves many different aspects and we do them all, from design to execution to maintenance. Our main landscaping services are to the below

Simply put, we have over 25 years of Design+Build experience with a stellar record of satisfaction. Our customers have been 100% satisfied with their custom projects, and many have taken the time to send us "Thank you" cards year after year.

We have tackled projects ranging from as little as three thousand dollars, to approximately a million. Additionally, our portfolio includes notable projects such as: pool decks, floating interlock patios, engineered concrete floors, elaborate fencing, interlock mosaic designs, permeable patios in heavy ground water areas, outdoor kitchens, gazebos, natural stone walls, natural stone steps/landings, and custom retention walls. That said, we can do anything else that involves concrete, interlock, retaining walls, natural stone, wood, or gardens.

Notably, we also provide some of the longest warranty periods in the entire Niagara Region on our Design+Build projects. The reason we feel comfortable doing so, is a result of the technologically advanced base we use on all our projects called "Tri-tech". It provides the proper foundation, to make your investment stand the test of time. As mentioned, we have projects that are over 20 years old, that are in satisfactory condition and have seen little to no repair work.

Finally, we have not only a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but also a 100% customization policy. What this combination of policies means, is that our customers have the potential to customize any aspect of the design, until they are 100% satisfied with the result.

Please, let us take on your Design+Build project and make your dream come to life!

We have been servicing the Niagara Region with Property Maintenance services from our company's inception, over 25 years ago. Grass cutting, garden bed maintenance, hardscaping rejuvenation, fence repair and building, pavement sweeping and general grounds clean-up are among our services provided.

We take care for our customer's properties, as if they were our own. In essence, they really are. Every time we cut the grass or tidy up the gardens, the outward appeal is a direct reflection of our company's abilities, and professionalism. We want to be proud of everything we do, and that includes the maintenance of your property's grounds.

Over the years, we have tackled properties both large and small. So, do not be tentative about contacting us about your property. If it's fairly large; we can effectively tackle the challenge. If it's smaller than most; we can give the property the attention to detail needed, to make the landscape really amaze all your patrons.

Please, let us quote and hopefully add your property to our growing portfolio of maintenance contracts!

  • Growth Maintenance (For Large Areas)
  • Lawn Striping
  • Aerating
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Garden Overhauls
  • Planting
  • Pruning
  • Plant Removal
  • Landscape Re-designs
  • Hardscape Rejuvenation
  • Sod Repair/Replacement"

With over 25 years of experience in the masonry industry, we decided it was time to take our passion into homes. With the introduction of modern natural stone veneers for interior walls, the opportunity was too perfect to let pass.

Additionally, the progression hasn't stopped with just interior projects. We have now begun to expand into exterior stone veneers. This "modern meets rustic" style of home facing is not only the new trend, but a long lasting and premium choice for your homes exterior.

We now strive to take our meticulous attention to detail into interior/exterior projects, and pride our company on the 100% satisfaction of our customers, at an affordable price.

Let us "Bring Nature Home", and use the Earth's most elegant and powerful stone formations in and on your home.

Our Snow Removal and Clearing services are second to none. Let us explain why...

Ready and available "around the clock", from first snowfall to last, we provide a "zero tolerance" snow and ice clearing service. While constantly monitoring the weather we will provide proactive clearing solutions based on the current and expected weather conditions.

Our entire fleet of snow removal vehicles and equipment are painstakingly monitored, and all servicing and movements are accurately recorded for liability purposes. Snow danger is no laughing matter, and we take your liability (and our own) very seriously.

To better serve our snow clearing clients, we have a 24/7 email/phone hotline, allowing for prompt communication during snow events throughout the winter season. Our winter contracts can be tailored for each individual client, by offering either contract or pay-per-plow options.

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Innerunion Landscaping Inc has an extensive history working in the greater Niagara area and is ready to serve your landscaping needs.

We offer 24Hrs Emergency Services

We Offer 24 Hour Service for Snow Removal

We offer 24Hrs Emergency Services

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